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​​Property Managers / landlords

​​Property Managers

Risk, meet reward.

Many Property Managers have recognized Leading Insurance Group Services as an asset for their risk management solutions. Here’s why.


Strong Word-of-Mouth.

It may be the oldest form of advertising, but there’s no greater promotion than your own customers recommending you to others. Property managers and Landlords often reach out to say that they heard about Leading Insurance Group Services from someone they know and trust in the industry. We take great pride in the fact that our customers are our biggest advocates.

Service Excellence.

Excellence in customer service spans every company function for excellent risk transfer services. Our team likens this to all being ‘aligned to the North Star’ always focusing on customer success. This concentrated effort to work side by side with the customer is fundamental to a fulsome usage of our product and ultimately, our customers’ success.

Core Focus & Expertise.

We empower Property Managers and Landlords at over 25 companies—across a multitude of industries—to become an invaluable asset in planning for, mitigating, and managing risk. Most of all, we enable them to make a higher strategic contribution to increasing their organization’s operational and overall business performance.

Risk and Mitigation for Property Managers.

How to Be a Better Insurance Consumer:

Most Property Managers look to financial risk transfer for their clients through insurance as their first response to managing risks. Out of all the risk management tools available, insurance can often be the most expensive option. There are a number of simple things that can be done to minimize your insurance-related costs and to get better terms in the insurance market through your broker.  Our Licensed Agents at Leading Insurance Group Services directly works with property managers to secure property insurance at a competitive premium for all the buildings that are being managed by the Property Managers.

LIG team will help the property manager to be a better insurance consumer by helping budget insurance premium for the market cycle.

The insurance market is cyclical with wide swings between the peaks and valleys. Budget at the high end of the cycle and keep your budget consistent. When prices start easing, remember that an upswing is on the horizon.

We  will  also help with the following:

property management services

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Brooklyn, NY

  • Carry coverage appropriate to your needs.  

LIG property team can help you make sure that you don’t over or under insure, that there are no gaps in coverage and no unnecessary coverages.

  • Ensure that your property values are accurate.

Values for buildings, contents, equipment and inventory should be reviewed regularly so that you are adequately covered, but not too high or else you are paying too much.

  • Make sure your liability policy limits are reflective of your exposures.

Strike a balance between anticipated maximum loss and cost of coverage. Liability limits are subjective, so the best limit is one that allows you to sleep at night!

  • Choose deductibles that will result in the optimal cost of risk.

When you choose higher deductibles, you usually get lower premiums, so when shopping for insurance, get quotes for a few different deductible options. Many companies have deductibles way lower than any claim they would make. Ask yourself, “what is the smallest claim I would make to my insurer?”. If the answer is $10,000, then why is your deductible $1,000?

*** Our hand-held claims department services that guide you through your claims and proper risk transfer.

Contact us to learn more about the right landlords insurance policy for your property.

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