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P&C Agent Ready To Retire

Dont Retire ! Let Us Do The Work For You


Earn Income Without Doing The Work.

Let's Work Something Out !

Life Stories

Being in the Financial Industry for 28+ Years, many bad investment decisions made by professional individuals thinking as professionals, they are doing the best life planning for their own financial needs as if their were doing for their clients.  Many times, it has been proven the opposite. Just like the Lottery ticket winners, most of them end up broke with no financial directions.

Downside Of Selling Your Book of Business

  • Once YOU sell your book of business there is no turning back. The worst scenario that could happen to you.

  • What if you make a bad investment decision with the sale proceeds.

  • There goes your years of hard work down the drain with NO point of return.

Our Pledge To You 

  • We will service your accounts and Lead the way to your financial stability for your retirement.

  • We pledge to take​ care of your hard earned business relationship with your customer as if we wrote them ourselves.

  • We know how hard it is to earn people trust and earn their business, where is harder to make sure we keep them happy clients.

Benefits Being Part Of Our Family

  • Your Health Insurance Coverage will be continue under our master policy (as long as you are affiliated with our firm) * 

  • 401K Plan **

  • Full access to your book of business.

  • Complete transparence between you and the agency.

  • Spend more time with your loved ones.

  • Spend more time doing what you love.

  • Most Importantly, complete the dreams that you couldn't finish, because you were at the office all the times to service your clients. 

* Paid by you the licensed advocate​.
​**  You can contribute to your plan and pass it along to your beneficiaries.

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