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Construction Risk Management

​​Construction Risk Management

About LIG Risk Management

In today's litigious and complex world, risk transfer has become an increasing priority to all forward-thinking businesses, regardless of size.

At LIG Risk Management, a division of Leading Insurance Group Services, LLC., our goal is to significantly reduce your risk exposure to third party liabilities (risks). By managing your risk, we help you control your loss ratio and keep your insurance premium low. Our team will work with you to review your subcontractors’ coverages, including but not limited to: General Liability, Umbrella/Excess, Business Auto & Workers Compensation, to lower your risk in the event of a loss and ensure your total insurance premiums don’t suffer.

At LIG Risk Management, we’re committed to earning your trust every single day, and you can rest easy knowing we’ve got your back. We’re constantly collaborating with our clients to understand their needs and ensure we exceed their expectations as their partner.


For any business owner, especially one who is liable for the work of others, the fear of claims or lawsuits is enough to keep them up at night. As companies continue to try to reduce their expenses by trimming their coverages, the risk of non-compliant subcontractors, vendors, tenants, and suppliers continues to grow. If you are collecting certificates just to confirm they were received, you have NO GUARANTEE that the insurance requirements for your contracted jobs are being met.

The LIG Risk Management Program is led by a team of qualified insurance professionals that serves as your auxiliary compliance team to:

  1. Review of all Certificates of Insurance to identify compliance issues for your organization to address, or

  2. Manage your entire Certificate of Insurance process, which includes supporting your subcontractors, vendors, tenants, and suppliers in remaining compliant

At LIG Risk Management, we recognize our customers are our partners and our most important assets. We listen carefully, take their suggestions seriously, and work with them on constructing a plan that best suits their needs. We are proud to say that after all these years, we maintain 100% customer loyalty. Join our team and let us help you grow and transfer your risk properly.

All of our Account Managers at LIG Risk Management are licensed insurance professionals with deep experience in compliance-related issues.

LIG Risk Management is committed to working with you as our partner to ensure the services we provide meet the goals you need. The LIG Risk Promise is to gain a deeper understanding of your needs and offer you our honest assessment.

(844) LIG-RISK​

8321 3rd Avenue
Brooklyn, NY

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